The Plunge

Polar Plunge into the Ohio River near Pittsburgh, February 2014.

Crazy Good Deeds

This past Sunday at around 12:13pm, I ambled into the frigid depths of the Ohio River, thus fulfilling my $1000 promise from the month of January.

The snow on the shore burned my feet as I walked to the water. The ice scraped my skin as I punctured through the surface. The water was so cold, it hurt. And it was too shallow and rocky to just jump in and get it all over with. Oh no! I had to do it slowly and painfully, because nature is cruel. In the end, I spent about about a minute or so in the water, sitting down, then getting into the push-up position. I got everything except my head wet. And it was miserable.

And then I got out of the water, and it was even worse. Air temperature of about 24F, light wind, snow…

It was a great day to keep…

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