Detours Obligatory: Rotterdam’s Water Square

At last!


On the Benthemsquare in Rotterdam, Dutch landscape architecture firm De Urbanisten has finally achieved what they set out to do seven years ago: create a water park for the community fed entirely by storm water. Instead of hiding runoff in underground pipes and cisterns, the square has been designed to make water the main feature. The designers say this is the world’s first “water square.”

watersquare Watersquare Benthemplein / De Urbanisten

Storm water is channeled through stainless steel gutters into three basins. Two shallow ones collect water whenever it rains, while another deeper basin is reserved for overflows from heavier storms. To help people understand what will flood or not, everything that can flood is painted in shades of blue.

square2 Watersquare Benthemplein / Millad Pallesh

square3 Watersquare Benthemplein / Millad Pallesh

And all that transports water is shiny metal.

steel Watersquare Benthemplein / Millad Pallesh

In summer, if there is flooding, the main…

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The Plunge

Polar Plunge into the Ohio River near Pittsburgh, February 2014.

Crazy Good Deeds

This past Sunday at around 12:13pm, I ambled into the frigid depths of the Ohio River, thus fulfilling my $1000 promise from the month of January.

The snow on the shore burned my feet as I walked to the water. The ice scraped my skin as I punctured through the surface. The water was so cold, it hurt. And it was too shallow and rocky to just jump in and get it all over with. Oh no! I had to do it slowly and painfully, because nature is cruel. In the end, I spent about about a minute or so in the water, sitting down, then getting into the push-up position. I got everything except my head wet. And it was miserable.

And then I got out of the water, and it was even worse. Air temperature of about 24F, light wind, snow…

It was a great day to keep…

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Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio -Three Rivers

Three Rivers Stadium implosion 2001. Three Rivers = Allegheny, Monongahela, Ohio

Ruth E. Hendricks Photography

Threes.  Many things come in threes. It’s a strong number- a favorite number of many.

Still on the theme ofthree with a triptych story with the suggested 3 pictures will be coming in the near future……………

Thanks Mark for this thought on the Three Rivers even though the stadiumby that name was demolished in 2001

(see implosion below)

Panorama from the Duquesne Incline platform Panorama from the Duquesne Incline platform

Allegheny River on the left

Monongahela River on the right

Forming the Ohio River at the triangular point!

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Interactive: Racial Dot Maps via: University of Va.

A truly gorgeous map! Thank you, Mapmaker!

The Human Imprint

The Racial Dot Map

One Dot Per Person for the Entire United States

Created by Dustin Cable, July 2013

Access and Use Policy

Link to Full Screen Map

Download a High Resolution Image of the U.S. Racial Dot Map (33 MB)

Please read the Access and Use Policy, which describes how this map can be used and how it should be cited.

NEW: You can see the new Congressional Dot Map project with election results here.

The Map

This map is an American snapshot; it provides an accessible visualization of geographic distribution, population density, and racial diversity of the American people in every neighborhood in the entire country. The map displays 308,745,538 dots, one for each person residing in the United States at the location…

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